1. I would call this piece ‘The Shield’. A shield that can ‘protect’ you from the reality, the world, all the                problems and the insecurities. It is a head piece that partially hides your face from others but can still            see everything from behind it. I used to do this a lot only with my hair. I would always hide behind my          hair to I protect me from other people’s opinion because at one point in my life I did feel                                    insecure but not anymore.

2. This is a ring that has a Chinese character design on top. From a very young age, my Mother has been          constantly telling me to ALWAYS remember this specific word. It means to tolerate, to endure. If I ever        feel annoyed, angry, or dissatisfied I should learn to endure rather than acting out and/or causing                  problems. Therefore this character has a special place in my heart and I grew up on hearing this word. I        wanted to make a ring that will be a constant reminder of my Mom, Her word and a part of me.


3. The reason why I chose bra as my theme was this is something I wear almost every day. Whenever I go        out I wear them, it gives me some kind of mental protection. I would not go out without wearing one              because I would feel uncomfortable and that a part of me is not with me/on me. I want to make a piece        that is made out of wire which shows the real protection and secureness of the bra.




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