Project #2 Wearable Object

I decided to make my project revolve around freedom. Many different groups of people have always fought for freedom and it definitely brought a sense of community to different groups of people. When you type in the word “Freedom” into Google, the search shows up with images of chains breaking free and birds flying out of cages. I decided to make my second project about this community because all my life my parents granted me the freedom to do whatever I chose to do. It also played a huge part in my formative years. I grew up being more open minded to other options instead of worrying about the best grade or being the best in my class. Those aren’t necessarily terrible things to aim for but I’ve adopted this ability to strive for success myself instead of having someone force it on me. For this project I want to create a wearable object that will speak to the ones like me who felt a little out of place growing up because of the lack in restraining power and the ones who were able to express freedom in whatever way they chose.

I started with a few ideas but I finally decided on the one to make wings. I sketched a few wings in my sketchbook and decided to go with the two wings made out of aluminum. 

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