Drawing Through The Making Center: Laser Wear

For the laser wear assignment, we were assigned to construct a jewelry piece in the likings of our client through the process of laser cutting. By the end of this assignment, we are expected to learn how to prepare for laser cutting and how to  use the laser cutter.

In prior of making any jewelry pieces, I had to first have a better knowledge about my client by asking her different questions from her hobby to her preferences in fashion. My client preferred bracelet over necklace so I then sketched out two different bracelet designs according to the informations I’ve acquired from her. Using paper and yarn, I created prototypes of the designs and showed it to my client. After talking to her, we’ve decided to combine elements from both of the designs to construct a new design. I traced the design on to the Illustrator using different colors indicating the cutting and the etchings. Then, I went to go to different stores to buy the materials: white marbled acrylic board, black acrylic board, chains, jewelry connector, and beads. After all the preparing has been done, I was finally ready to go to the laser cut lab. I had a hard time using the machines at first but eventually had it figured out after few tries. After having everything cut, I put all the pieces together. When I realized that the  weight of the cat and paw pieces were too heavy and not balanced out with the weight of the thing chains, I added a second layer to balance out the bracelet.

For this assignment, I tried to focus on my client and wanted to make a jewelry piece that had special meaning to her. This idea was apparent in the color choosing and the shapes of the beads. I also wanted the bracelet to match the simple silver bracelet that she already owns and has a strong connection with.

From this assignment, I learned how to design on Illustrator in the purpose of laser cutting, how to use the laser cutter facility, and how to work with clients.

I now know how to use laser cutter and how to use variety of materials to construct a product.

The most rewarding thing from this process is probably the success of pleasing my client with the outcome.

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