Typography & Design Research 1940- 1950

World War II : from 1939 to 1945,

design that I like:

MM Multi-Measure Metal Enclosures brochure, by Ladislav Sutnar, 1944

typeface: futura“Crawfords put sparkle into your advertising” ad, by Ashley Havinden, 1948

typeface: prisma, scotch

prisma in use:

Learning Networks in Adult Education, in 1979

Graphische Nachrichten, Vol. 11, No. 8, Aug. 1932

A flyer that was distributed in The Netherlands during World War 2

typeface: basalt

Zuiderbad Amsterdam Swimming Certificate in 1942

typeface: gnom

Armin Hofmann, 1940

design that I don’t like:

Drink to Yesterday by Manning Coles, Bantam Books,

by Hoffman, 1947

typeface: brush script

Newell-Emmett Co., Pepsi-Cola, “Pepsi-Cola hits the spot,” c. 1940

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