Bridge 5: Reflection


Julia Tarantino


Prior to this class I never dedicated a lot of time to collecting information or visuals I liked to use for research purposes. Due to the semester cache and numerous museum visits I have found that digging deep to find art that’s intriguing is very important for an artist’s development; it inspires you and encourages you to go out of your comfort zone to find new things. It’s easy to be inspired by your everyday environment however I find that it has been beneficial for me to find inspiration through other’s art or from collecting images I really enjoy. One thing that has inspired my art is the fact that I started screencapping comics I liked online, which has motivated me to start making small comics and eventually make a zine of them. Even after the Semester Cache was completed I continued to collect images that inspired me. My work improved for the best due to this exposure to new visuals-my final studio project was directly inspired by Raymond Pettibon, though my final is collage and his work is mainly illustration. My studio final is one of my favorite pieces of art I have ever created, while making it I felt like a true artist for the first time. I did not have time to make as many pieces as I wanted to in order to complete a series, however I plan to continue making these collages over time, especially this summer. However, my finished collage is good enough to act alone as my final project.

In terms of the relationship between Studio and Seminar I can’t quite say that what I researched in Seminar affected my art. All of my seminar pieces derived directly from what I was doing in studio, it was never the other way around. I don’t believe that this means the Seminar / Studio dynamic was unsuccessful because I was able to research topics that intrigued me based off of what I was doing in Studio-I ended up learning a lot about things such as collaging and collage artists. Overall these classes helped me grow immensely as an artist by allowing me to test out different mediums and explore new areas of art.

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