Observation 3: East River

May 6, 2017

Time Start: 4:30 pm

Time End: 5:30 pm


I am walking along the East River Coastline in Alphabet city. I am observing everything about the water, the coastline, and interaction and systems that transpire between the river and outside organisms (people, animals, things)


East River, Manhattan

Alphabet City

Observation and Recording: 

  • 67 Degrees Farenheit
  • Cool, Breezy, Somewhat cloudy and gray
  • The breeze drifts along the brim of the river carrying the scent of dirty saltwater which lingers in the air.
  • The water ripples and waves against the coastal rocks and sand from the wind
  • Quality of the water seems dull, murky, and polluted
  • Multiple observations of trash sand waste floating in the water (Food, Cans, Bags, Clothes, Shopping Cart)
  • Access to water is easily available to rodents as well as humans to contaminate and interfere with the water
  • Many homeless people seeking shelter along coastal benches and seating areas
  • Drainage pipes occur in several spots along coast
  • Located next to a major street – possible interference from cars/oil
  • There does seem to be evidence of life in the water – saw a few possible fish jump to the surface of the water
  • Not many boats or activity on the water

Result of Systems and Observations

Seagulls seeking food

Humans Tossing trash and waste in the water

Lack of protection or separation creates cycle of pollution and contamination

Lack of filtration or water cleaning system

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