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Men and Women! It’s Time to Switch to a Safety Razor

Most people think removing their body hair is a chore rather than a fun activity they look forward to every now and then. And if you are one of the people who have issues like ingrown hairs or razor burns, you probably hate it whenever you need to use a razor blade. Let’s also not forget that the price of shaving and razors can be very high if you think that a single razor hand and blade cartridge can be over $10 to be used a few times and thrown away.

But don’t fret! As the personal care industry continues to grow and develop, the shaving industry is also finding new solutions that make shaving more enjoyable.

Yet, by new solutions, we mean going backward. There is an increasing interest in safety razors – a traditional shaving method that originated in the 1880s and utilizes metal razor handles with individual razor blades.

The cause of this new trend is because people are exploring more sustainable and low-waste lifestyles while investing in higher-end rituals. Safety razors are the luxurious version of the modern-day plastic razors that have dominated every supermarket. In fact, not only do plastic razors dominate the market, but they also clog up our landfills. According to a study in the 1990s, it is estimated that Americans throw away approximately 2 billion plastic razors each year. In 2019, approximately 160 million people were using disposable razors. Also, considering that a disposable razor should be used for only three to six shaves, it shouldn’t be surprising that millions of razors end up in the trash.

Similar to many of the most recent trends, the growing popularity of safety razors was driven by the new interest in safety razors and other shaving products that are “efficacious, healthy, transparent, and thoughtfully made. One of our customers tells the story of how she suffered from significant razor burn and ingrown hairs in her teenage years when she first began shaving. She remarked that, as an adult, her favorite gift to men was a beautifully presented shaving kit. One day she realized, “Not only was I having a terrible experience shaving but also the very act of shaving was far from luxurious,” she says. “I wanted to find a way to shave that felt tailor-made to women and make the experience very inclusive.”

The solution was using a safety razor which has close to no environmental impact (stainless steel razors are completely recyclable, unlike the plastic ones), and promotes the act of razing a mindful ritual rather than something you rush through.Some safety razors look trendy and different but all of them have the same design and offer similar benefits. A long handle safety razor can be great for both men and women due to ease of reach and maneuverability. We believe Merkur 23C is the best long handle safety razor at a great price.

Did we catch your attention? Here’s what you should know about using safety razors, what it’s like, and the best ones to try.

The Benefits of Shaving with a Safety Razor

In addition to the environmental benefits of using a safety razor, there are benefits to your skin as well. Safety razors are a great option for everyone, particularly for those with sensitive skin.

Although plastic razors reduce the risk of cutting yourself, they worsen your skin because they use a blend of dull and sharp blades. After using a plastic razor, the dead skin cells collect, and the hair follicle gets clogged. As the hair grows back, it gets trapped beneath the skin, resulting in ingrown hairs.

Safety razors also minimize razor burn and other irritation. Plastic razors force people to use a lot of force when shaving, which often results in razor burn. On the other hand, a safety razor cuts hair evenly at the surface, which makes it far less likely to get ingrown hairs, folliculitis, and inflammation. In addition, if you use a sharp razor, you shouldn’t need to shave an area repeatedly, lowering the chances of irritation.

Many dermatologists are also confirming the benefits of safety razors. They agree that safety razors reduce razor burns, cuts, and shave bumps. The only downside of using a safety razor is that it takes a little time to get used to and feel comfortable with the razor.

Safety razors will also help you save money and reduce the consumption of plastic razors and skin irritation. They are cost effective because when using a safety razor, you only need to switch out the blade rather than throwing away the whole razor. Although the initial investment is much more expensive, somewhere around $10 to over $100, in the long run, you’ll spend significantly less just buying the razor blades, where one blade costs as low as 10c and can be used for upto five shaves.

Shaving with a Safety Razor

Initially, you need to put the blade into the razor. Some safety razors open at the top in a butterfly format, and many others twist off at the top. Slide the razor in there, twist it tight, then voila! You are ready to go.

To be completely transparent, using a safety razor for the first time can be a weird experience. Handling a naked razor blade with your fingers and shaving with something that has pointed square edges might seem risky to most people. However, you get used to this experience!

Most people get used to it in only a few swipes, and you will immediately feel how smooth the razor will feel as you shave. With only one swipe, you will take care of every hair in the way of the safety razor. You will never consider going back to the old, disposable plastic razors.

It is important to note that using a safety razor will take more time than using a plastic razor. However, the experience is much more pleasurable and luxurious. The metal razor will feel heavy in your hand and looks sexier than the dull plastic razors. In addition, using safety razors requires attention and focus; therefore, the act of shaving also becomes a mindfulness activity.

Since we are talking about shaving carefully, let’s throw in some tips in the article! Make sure to don’t always shave upward. Since hair grows in a crisscross pattern, use a combination of shaving up, out, and in. You can also hold your skin as you shave to get the short hair out of the way.

Getting used to a safety razor might take some time due to its angle and pressure. Since razor blades only have one blade, you may need a few more swipes as the blade gets dull to altogether remove the hair.

Many safety razors are double-edge safety razors, meaning there’s a blade edge on both sides of the razor. Surprisingly, this doesn’t make shaving any riskier, but it gives you an extra blade edge, allowing you to maximize the use of the razor blade.

After you accumulate enough razor blades, you can recycle them through various collection sites. There are few independent sites and also razor brands that offer recycling programs. Some brands even use recycled metals in their new products.

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