The Falling of Dragon and Phoenix

Artists: Kelly Yu

Artists statement.

These paintings are statements that represent both genders in grotesque yet beautiful form. The people who have beautiful features in the paintings are being torn apart by sinister features at the same time. There is no suffering on their faces. Death is coming, but they appear calm and harmonious among the flora.

My inspiration mainly came from Suehiro Maruo, who expands a viewer’s horizons through his use of glamorous illustration and ominous atmosphere. Most of his works are considered graphic, but under the layers of blood and flesh, there is something gorgeous about them.

I’ve always wanted to explore subjects that bring out conversations between an audience and the paintings they view. This is a series that you will look at and question what you see and what you feel about these two suffering humans. You, as an audience, will make this work unique. The central idea is to have a conversation between you and these bizarre creations.

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