About Statement

This is a synthesizing statement of approximately 2500 words (including references) which describes and evaluates your learning trajectory on the program, citing as evidence, and linking to, the ten key artifacts you have tagged as such, as well as setting an agenda for your future professional development.

The organization and style of the statement is your own choice, but bear in mind that you may wish to use the statement (or an edited version of it) in future job applications. Use headings and subheadings throughout, and include a table of contents at the beginning.

The statement should show evidence of

  • the ability to reflect on, critically analyze, and evaluate your own teaching practices and learning experiences;
  • a knowledge of the theoretical principles underlying your practices (e.g. drawn from background reading, research, discussion, etc);
  • the ability to draw connections between theory and practice, and to make connections across the different components of the program;
  • an understanding of, and a sensitivity to, the social, cultural, political and institutional factors that impact on learning and teaching;
  • a capacity for collegiate collaboration and joint professional development.

The ten key artifacts that you choose to exemplify these competencies should be tagged as such, and each linked to the section or sections of your statement that they provide evidence of.

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