Personal Currency Study

Perspective study:

The building I choose is an old western-style building established in 1920s.  It locates on Gulang Island, Xiamen (my hometown), and it is a place which carries my childhood memory. When I was young, I used to go there every Saturday for learning piano.

I choose to do a two point perspective drawing to demonstrate the basic structure of the building. Based on my observation, the building is organized with two cylinders and one cuboid, with more detailing structures on each of them. After failing my first draft (I put on too much details on the roofs and pillars, and eventually mess up with the measurements), I simplify some details to create a clearer view on my drawing.

After I finish the drawing, I erase the pencil sketch, scan the picture, and erase some mark on Photoshop.

Guilloche Study:

I create quick sketches about what I will create for my currency. Next, I start to add details on two pieces 7.5’15 cm size paper, using rotating , blend and zig-zag tools to make the money real. At the same time, I draw some fine figures and create abstract shapes of egrets, the city bird of Xiamen.

Color Experiments:

I first create three different color palette on Photoshop based on three related images of Xiamen and Gulangyu. After selecting the colors I want, I change the hue and saturation of my money. In fact, I initially consider to give different elements with different color, but the color and composition are too chaotic to be presented. As a result, I make my money monochromatic.

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