Guggenheim Visit: Art of China after 1989

On Saturday November 11th, I visit Guggenheim Museum, and watch a series of artwork on the exhibition “Art and China after 1989”. 1989 is a big year in China. After Tiananmen Square protest, real democracy, civil right and freedom become rising topics for Chinese artist, and they express their feelings and demands by their artwork.

Purple Air NO. 4 is focusing on how China is developing while lots of changes are happening at the beginning of 21st century. The drawing is like a mixture of reality, fake, development, problems, forbidden truths, conspiracy, and more. It can be an example of culture jamming regarding the situation in China at that time. The painting is questioning how some realities are hidden or sacrificed for the country’s development.

Visual Art, Add Oil! March Forward! is challenging the relation between Chinese military force and Chinese civilian in Tiananmen Protest in 1989. It is also an ironic way of appealing to artists to express their demand of real democracy.

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