Project Deconstruction (for Int Studio 2)

The formal project I would like to introduce in this post is Personal Currency Study in my Drawing and Imaging class. The purpose of my professor creating this assignment is to extend our drawing skills, as we use Photoshop and Illustrator to create our own personal currency (link: ).The project started as an architectural drawing,which I drew a famous building in my hometown. I decided to make my project related to my culture background, specifically to the city I have lived in for 20 years. My hometown meant a lot to me, and I always wanted to  do something to this place that nourished me.

The design was not hard for me, since my drawings skills could fix my shortcomings in my digital-working. However, I did use what my professor had taught us (the digital work in Illustrator) in class in some elements. What I did after finishing the components was to simply organize them together into how I wanted them to be. To be honest, even though this assignment required me to put in so many details, it was not extremely challenging for me. I focused more on the effect I wanted to present on the currency rather than the higher risk I could take, and I was completely satisfied on what I had achieved there. The accomplishment was so important to me, since I screwed up the projects I did before that asked me to do so many digital works, and the achievement was like a redemption of the disasters I made before.

It is hard to state that if I will use the skills or ideas I developed there to works I will do, since I always did, do and will do my work in a detailing way. What I am sure is that I will keep parts of my styles or creating works, as I continuously add new things I learn from outside.

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