Psychogeographic Time Map

This is the first assignment for my Time class, which  is intended to explore the subjective experience of time.  Specifically, I am asked to create a graphic representation to communicate my personal perception of a particular experience, and to construct meaning through the manipulation of time using graphic means.

As a traveller who has lived in different places in the world, I want to illustrate some places that symbolize “milestones of my life”. I choose 6 places that capture my 6 main stages of life. The first one is a small village near ocean called Quanzhou where I spent my first 3 years in there. The second one is a larger town called Shishi (means guardian lion in Mandarin); and at the age of 6, I moved to Xiamen with my parents, and the city developed in an exaggerating speed as I grew up. When I was 15, I moved to Vancouver for high school. Finally, I start my university life in NYC when I am 20.

First draft:

After making the first draft, I receive a few suggestions in the class critique. I decide use a thicker foam board so that I can dig inside. I printed pictures of the 6 places that I edit on Photoshop, and sticked them on the foam boards (note: for Quanzhou, I mean to make the paper ‘wavy’ because it is a symbol of ocean). I also cut up the figures of me when I was 0, 3, 7, 13, 15, and 20 correspondingly. Since I want to demonstrate the ages, I use foam board and golden paint to make the numbers in a higher level than any objects on the paper.


It is a pity that I cannot figure out how to assemble the boards together, and the connecting part looks unmatched.

Final Product:

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