Time: Video Making

At the beginning of the second half of the semester, I was asked to make my first video using Premiere Pro. Since the entire course is about time and movement, I initially planned to do something related to my daily life cycle.

I planned to take objects representative to my life in small squares, and made the center point of the screen on the center of the circles. I then continuously took photographs as planned.

After I finished the photo and audio-record of the morning section, it had been extremely time-consuming since I needed to work on Ps, Pr and other software at the same time. I decided to shorten the content to “how I start the day, and how I and Parsons abuse each other”.

I add more clips for the second part of the video.

The final product turned out to be fascinating (for a beginner), and the only thing I am not very satisfied was the scale of the images which I wanted but couldn’t enlarge. However, the advantage of doing this was to make viewers attention be centered. 😛


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