Lithography Prints

This past semester, I took lithography, in which I created multiple prints. The first design used a sketch I made while in Cape May over the summer.

I then took this design and created my template. I used many colors in my prints. I used a color mix on the plate with the design, and then made that plate black with a colorful flat on top of it.

For my next design, I was inspired by 60s Rock and Roll posters by artists like Victor Moscoso (which were the pieces of art that inspired me to take the class). I wanted to use inspiration from old posters and bring in some modern elements in making an event poster for my favorite band, LANY. For this poster, it had to be 2 times the size of the last poster, which definitely made it more difficult to print the color.

I split the design into two plates and worked for hours to get the best red and green prints.


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