Visualizing Time


What I thought about the visual presentation is that Marilyn Mitchell has made some interesting points throughout the article. Before reading it, I’ve never noticed how the diagram leads our eyes through the timescale without any indicators and signs. That sense of knowing how the objects’ tensed are, in either abstract way or actual way, just like an ability that we born with. Also, the author points out that to visualize timeline is the best way to let everyone in the world understand the tense that going on in the picture. But, there are a few points that we need to be aware of, which are showing now, future, and past tense in the diagram. No Matter in what way.

According to the article, it says that people usually indicates the future tense by making the people face to right or direct the timescale to the right-hand side. But, I was wondering that how those people figure out or distinguish that right represents the future. Also, why would our instinct always lead us to the proper direction while looking at the visual timescale?

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