Understanding Comics, Chapters 2 & 3

What I thought about the reading is that we as a human usually forget or avoid the truth that we encounter. In the reading, the author kept telling us that we have to forget about what we see through our eyes. Instead, to understand a story or an object by using your heart and brain might be a better way to see the world. Plus, the author points out that “all the things we experience in life can be separated into two realism,” which are concept and sense. Sometimes, human’s brain tends to make people believe in what they have been taught and learned. But, people will be confused when they meet something new in their lives. Thus, I believe that it is better to understand an object by using both eyes and heart as what the article has mentioned. Even though the beginning of chapter 2 looks a bit ambiguous and seems that it makes no sense. Yet, as the reading goes on, it is quite weird that all of those nonsense would start leads people to a different level of understanding.

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