Bridge 2 project

Mood board and Sketches:


Process Photos:

Final Documentation Photos:



As a group, we all prefer to wear oversized clothes in our daily lives (such as an oversized hoodie or jacket) because it allows us to be comfortable. For this reason, we all agreed to make a piece of clothing that is oversized.  In addition to the oversized hoodie, we will also create a long cape attached to the hoodie that will symbolize a superhero character. We got inspired by the neon art room at the Club 57 museum (class trip during int. studio). Thus, we will be using neon colors on the black canvas to make a bold statement, symbolizing the character’s real self. The character we created is a young adult named Arden. He is an undercover superhero which is a normal human during the day and an outgoing, bold superhero at night. But, at the same time, the cape also acts as a cover to hide his real identity and personality to the people around him. 

For these garments, we created an oversized hoodie from the very beginning, so we get to decide the size of the hoodie and the length of the sleeves. After finished making the hoodie, we installed the LED light on the black cape which is kind of inspired by the neon light that we saw at the Club 57 museum. Last, we are pretty happy with the result that it came out and also learned a lot from using the sewing machine and working with different materials and media.

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