Bridge 3: Multiple Perspectives Tableau vivant

Process photos:


Making the pink umbrella and the backdrop.

Setting up the scene.

For this group project, we divided the works to everyone in the group, which means each of us have our own part to work on. After finishing each part, we communicated and figured out the problem that we came across during the process. For my part, I was responsible for everything that relates to the man in the image and the final photo shoot. Thus, I prepared all the apparels that I needed for acting and also made a pink umbrella by pasting the pink poster on top of the umbrella. Then, after we had the photo shoot, I photoshopped the image a little bit to make it more alike with the original painting. Overall, I felt happy with the result that it had come out and also learned a lot along the way.

Original painting(T) Final piece(B)


Video of the final piece

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