Architecture+Fashion+Sculpture = Body in Community

For the last project, I designed a suitcase’s prototype, which was inspired by the architecture called AQUA in Chicago. When seeing that different layer wave shaped level, I immediately decided to make something that contains that complex composition but also not lose the well-constructed structure.

So, for my piece, I cut 22 pieces of hollow wood panels and used the wood dowels to layer it up. Then, I used laser cut to carve the pattern that I wanted on the acrylic board for the suitcase’s sides. Yet, the acrylic board somehow fell apart after I spray painted it without knowing that the spray paint would corrode the plexiglass, and that’s why you wouldn’t be able to see that two pieces patterned panels on the final project. After that, I made a handle and sand it to fit my right hand and attached it to the suitcase for the functional purpose. The part that I like the most supposed to be that patterned acrylic panels, but it didn’t work out at the end. Thus, I think the part that I’m satisfied the most is the shape of the whole suitcase, it has turned out exactly the same as what I expected.

Process Pictures:


Final Documentation Photos:


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