Open project: Panel Transition

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For the last open project, I decided to make a serious of panel transitions about the cats’ daily. So, I captured their funny poses and tried to let the visuals tell the story instead of writing the caption beside it. Then, I gathered all the images that I have and made it into a book. For the book, I used french fold to add the thickness, by doing that, it was not only for strengthening its aesthetic but also preparing for the perfect binding. Then, I used laser cut to make the book cover. On the cover, you will see a bunch of lines that were made in the middle of the chipboard, which called living hinge, and that is why we can bend that 1/8 inch chipboard so easily. Overall, I’m satisfied with the result that it has turned out, yet, if I had more time to work on this project, I would try another binding technique instead of the perfect binding.



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