Hero for One Day

Description of assignment

This is an assignment about making an object to celebrate our Bridge 1 project, “‘Hero’ for One Day.”  For this project, we have to observe and maybe talk to the person whom we choose to be our hero. Then, based on the hero’s identity and what we have gathered from the interpretation and turn that idea into our final project.

My Hero

The person that I chose is a doctor from Lenix Hill Hospital. In the image, he was wearing a black puffer jacket and carrying a pink little backpack. This father has a curly hair and couple of wrinkles on his face, but most importantly, he was wearing a big smile when I saw him.

Process and Inspiration

  • Based on my observation in the park, the man whom I’ve chosen seems like a caring person. The reason for that is because he dressed his children in the same style jacket as him for keeping them from getting cold. Also, from the conversation that we had in the park, I realized that this father barely has time to spend with his kids since he is a doctor from Lenix Hill Hospital, so he was trying to grab every chance to spend time with his family.
  • Therefore, I decided to make a traditional board game, connect four, for him and gave him a different way to interact with his kids. By doing so, I believe this will allow this father to have more connection with his kids which also could enhance their relationship.
  • For the connect four, the all project was finished by using the scrap material and the recycle wood panel. After I collected all the material, I cut down the wood pieces and make it into a box. Then, I used the drill press to make holes on the other wood piece, which is the major part for the game. After, I cut down the doles into 42 pieces for the piece that we use in the game. Last, I assemble all parts of the board game and finished the project.
  • Last, I used laser cut to engrave the image of the father and his children on the back of the cover. By doing that, it not only strengthen the connection between the family but also makes the object become more personal and specific.




Final Documentation

  • Overall, I’m satisfied with the result that it had come out. Also, I wish I could go back to that park and hand this Connect Four to that father as a gift. I sincerely hope this board game would bring him and his children together and allow them to have more time to spend with each other.




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