Integrative Seminar 2: Bridge 2 – CLOTHING THE SELF

Inspiration & Process:

  • This is the costume designed by Kansai Yamamoto for David Bowie’s The Aladdin Sane tour. This costume is also the garment that inspired and guided me through my Bridge 2 essay, which explains how the clothing could reflect one’s identity.

The Text of My Bridge Essay:


  • What did you learn from this assignment?

From this assignment, I learned how clothing could really reflect one’s identity by its color and shape. Also, by visiting the David Bowie’s exhibition, I realized how much he contributed to the music and stagecraft industry.

  • What’s the strongest aspect of your essay?

The strongest aspect of my essay is the part when describing the Kansai Yamamoto’s garment. In that part, I believe I used the rich and sensory words to illustrate every single detail of the garment and also make a connection to David Bowie’s identity.

  • What needs the most improvement, besides spelling, grammar, and punctuation?

The argument is the part that needs the most improvement I believe. In my essay, I didn’t have a strong argument that could stand for my statement. So, for the next version, I will add more detail and make it into an even stronger argument than the one I have right now.

  • How did this essay shape your thinking in Studio?

This essay guided me through the thinking process in my studio. By that, I mean before doing this writing, I didn’t have any idea of what I should do for my wearable garment. Yet, after I started my essay, the idea just popped up in my mind .

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