Constructed Environments Seminar: BRIDGE V

Throughout the semester I feel like I have drastically improved my research skills, and how to hone in on a specific paradox in a given area. Some of the most influential readings: Urbach, Henry  “Exhibition as Atmosphere” Kimmelman, Michael  “In Protest, the Power of Place” Rios, Michael “Whose Public Space” Elliott, Denielle, and Dara Culhane […]

Constructed Environments Studio: BRIDGE IV

The urban sprawl of New York city has affected Crown Heights since the early 1900’s.  Over the past 100 years the neighborhood has changed from being a destination of farmland and countryside homes, to a bustling main street with the extension of the Fulton St train reaching Franklin Avenue.  As a result of urbanization,  homes […]

Constructed Environments Seminar: Annotated Bibliography

Week 1: Kimmelman, Michael. “In Protest, the Power of Place.” The New York Times. October 15, 2011. Massey, Doreen. “Space – time and the politics of Location,” Architecturally Speaking: Practices of Art, Architecture, and the Everyday. McClelland, Mac. “How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp.” The New York Times. February, 2014. Rawlence, Ben. […]