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Raspberry Pi and audio

  • first make sure your audio is going to where you want it to (i.e. not going through your HDMI cord to a screen that has no speaker).
    • sudo raspi-config
    • Advanced Options
    • Audio
    • choose the output you want
  • Next test the output by typing
    • aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*
    • You should hear files being play as they appear in the terminal.
  • if still having problems
  • For text to speak on the Raspberry Pi, install espeak
    • sudo apt-get install espeak
  • Test it installed correctly with:
  • To modify the voice of espeak try:
  • To use espeak with python type
    • sudo apt-get install python-espeak
      • To download both espeak and python-espeak at the same time type:
        sudo apt-get install espeak python-espeak
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