Final Project #3


For our final project we had to build a chair/stool or something you can sit on. Sul, my partner, and I decided to build our stools in the community of art school. Since we all go to an art school and we are all artist we wanted to expand on stools that are more comfortable. Stools were invented to save space and also to be moved easily. Something you can just pick up and move. With that said we both did research on stools and how they need to be a curtain height and how they need to have something for whoever is sitting on it to rest their feet. We also used the stools the making center had to more-or-less be the same height as the ones we built. As we were attaching all the pieced we would also we testing how it looked and felt. When the stool got to the point where it was sturdy enough for carrying someones weight we both then sat on each of our stools and measured where we would place the footrest so it would be most comfortable. When we would screw the screws in we made sure to make each of them sink into the wood so after we could go over the hole with wood glue and hide the head of the screw. After that we put a dark wood finisher to make it seem more rustic and urban, just something that was appealing to the eye and seemed homey in a way. For the cushion we make it by hand, we got canvas at Blick and sewed it in the shape of the seat and stuffed it. After that we each painted our own cushion so that it would be personalized by each of us. That part was one of my favorite parts because it was an art stools and being able to actually incorporate your own work on the part that you sit on or even in general. It was a nice concept and really tied into our piece. Another thing that made this stool more of an art stool was the shelf that is placed right under the seat. It is meant for people to put some of their art materials or sketch books so it would be easier to grab when needed, instead of going through your book-bag and looking for it. Finally, this project was my favorite for this class and I really enjoyed it. Personally for me I loved it more because it was the last project and it was a great process. Since day one.

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