Process Lab – The Cooper Hewitt Museum

In Studio we were assigned to visit The Cooper Hewitt Museum and go through their “Process Lad”. The fallowing is the documentation of this experience of creating an initial proposal.

1-Value: Health

2-Question: How might we increase access to healthy food?

3-Design Tactics:

  • Playground: Places for fun, not just for kids.
  • Community Kitchen: Food is a rich record of stories and culture.

My idea consist of creating a park and open community kitchen facility, which possesses it’s own garden, to help introduce families and young children to healthy, wholesome and multicultural foods.

4-Record The Process: Unfortunately the pens the museums use to record the process were not functioning therefor this step was not completed.

5-Place: Parking Lot

The fallowing is what I believe to be necessary additional information needed to make this proposal productive and empowering:

  • Information on a particular city, neighbourhood, and community in which this could be a meaningful and enriching project.
  • A better understanding on how a community kitchen can support itself and how it would procure additional produce the those originating from the facilities garden.
  • Information on how to best advertise this space in local areas as to foster a meaningful use of the park, kitchen and garden.

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