Shoes from Harlem

When exploring the idea of shoes which represent an era, a culture, and an area in New York, I knew I needed them to stand out from the rest of the outfit. Stylistically I love very large, almost “clunky” shoes so I wanted to build my piece around that concept. When thinking of how to modify the piece, I had 3 things in mind: Flappers, Jazz, and Painting, which all took place during the period of the Renaissance. I worked to have this idea come across through patterned and textured stripes of fabric which dangle from the shoe. When this concept is put into motion the strips sway back and forth as you walk, alike when a flapper dress sways side to side as you dance. Final details were added with patterned straps on the ankle of the boots, which show a contrast of thickness, as well as sequins to add a jazz club vibe to them, presenting lights in a nightclub which are shown through the gems.

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