Visual Culture Bridge 1

Sigmar Polke “Bikini Frauen

I got this image from the internet and chose it because it features women in lingerie printed on to a piece of fabric. I found this to be a good discussion image for gender roles.

Takashi Murakami Toys

This is  a photograph I took of a Murakami exhibition in Moscow. The reason I chose this is because I wanted to further my investigation of gender, its perception and gender roles. This image I felt worked as children toys are typically heavily gendered and this is a good example of that as there is such a large selection and variety. This piece was about 2m long.

Rene Magritte “Menaced Assasin”

This was a painting I saw at the MoMa. I chose it in relation to gender because of the high contrast between the depiction of the men and the woman in the piece.

Fernand Leger “Three Women”

This painting from the MoMa I thought was an excellent work to use in my discussion and investigation of gender. The reason I chose it was because I wanted to further my research on how women are portrayed in art and contrast it to my previous images.


David Salle “Sextant in Dogtown”

This painting I found on the internet I thought provided an interesting angle to my research. The women in the piece are placed below the presumably “male” figures. The women also do not have an identity, are in black and white and their figures are sexualized. I thought this was a good example of misogyny in art that is still present.

Chris Levine photograph of Queen Elizabeth II

This is a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II that I found on the internet. I chose this piece because while it is still very gendered it is empowering for women which creates a contrast with my previously selected images by Magritte and Salle.

Picture from the Blond

This was a photograph I took at the Blond in the 11 Howard hotel. I chose this because of the woman depicted on the coaster. I found this interesting from a gender perspective as it is to a certain degree sexist as it is using an image of a woman as an everyday object.

One thought on “Visual Culture Bridge 1”

  1. What if the image was a photo of real people vs an abstract painting?
    What if the gender of the figures in the painting were swapped, all the men were women and vice versa?
    What would happen if this image was acted out as part of a broadway-esque play or a still from a film?

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