Imaginary Systems and Disruptive Strategies

Part 1

The objective of this assignment is to connect your fieldwork-based neighborhood knowledge and research to larger systems that operate at multiple scales. This will also act as a database/resource/knowledge bank for your project and deeply inform your strategies.

Read up about your identified topic at local, national and global scales. Feel free to add images, articles, charts, maps, sketches, existing keywords or any other resource or observation that you find relevant to your interests. You can use reliable sources on the internet or books/ journals from the library. Remember that this is YOUR knowledge bank- you should use it to dig deeper into an issue or topic that you encounter in your everyday life.


Part 2-

The objective of this is to start thinking about how creative, artistic and design strategies can connect and respond to the issue/s that you are researching.

Exercise- Look for a creative, artistic, design, planning, activist or community engaged project that responds to the topic of your research. This can operate at local, national or global scales. Write a few sentences describing the project and include links to your sources.

A big group that deals with some of the world’s biggest problems is Global Citizen. While access isn’t their only problem to solve, they deal with issues that relate to it. They deal with issues regarding water and sanitation. This relates back to access because Global Citizen tries to bring clean water and hygiene to places that may not have the privilege. They also try to assess the problem of food and hunger by giving places that lack it, access to it

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