Societal/Global Systems (Part 1: Data Gathering)

My Issue: Access


  • What are some buzzwords that are currently used to talk about your issue? List them!
  • What are some metaphors commonly used to talk about the issue you’re examining? Ask your friends, parents, neighbors, anyone really! List as many metaphors/expressions as you can.


  • Commute
  • Travel
  • Transport
  • Express/Limited
  • Local



  • If the internet is rendered visible by objects like electronic devices, routers, spray painting on the floor, and manholes; what are the objects that render your issue (the one you’re investigating in Studio) visible?
  • Create a list of elements (besides the one you chose in studio).
  • Then, choose one (probably the one you already picked in studio) and gather as much information about it as you can (about the object itself and about its relationship to your issue). Bring to class any notes, links, books, images you find and consider relevant.


  • Bus
  • Train
  • Subway
  • MetroCard
  • Turnstile

Object & Research

  • Object: MetroCard
  • I would research:
    • price changes
    • number of users
    • evolution of the card and its possible future changes



  • Based on your previous observations, ask yourself – Who are the different people you could interview in order to gain more insight and move forward your research? List them and consider who would you choose if you could only do one interview.

Interviewees and Possible Questions

  • MTA Employee- Some things I would ask them are why prices may go up, how they think the number of users may change due to a change in fare, and how fares are set.
  • Daily Commuter- Some things I would ask them are why they use transit rather than a car, how a rise in price may affect their use of the MetroCard and MTA transit, and what they would use as an alternative if the MTA was not available to them.

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