Midterm: Social Emergency Responses

The Process:

  • Prezi
    • Looked at the problem of access at a local, national, and global level
    • I decided to focus on the MTA because it’s a problem that’s very close to me
  • Mapping
    • I mapped the different kinds of people who took either the bus or the train
    • I noticed whether they walked or were driven to the station.
    • I also noticed what they were carrying, groceries vs. briefcases. This indicated things like if they were going home or to work, and what class they could have been in.
  • Object and Interview
    • Focused in on the MetroCard and its pricing
    • I graphed annual ridership vs. changes in fare price.
    • I interviewed a woman who worked with the LIRR who spoke to me about how pricing works.
  • Storyboard: Social Emergency
    • Created a scenario where the base price for the MTA was $15.00
    • This caused immense congestion on the streets and no one was taking the subways or buses.

The Strategies:

  • Strategy #1: Cheaper Means of Transportation
    • A bus that replaces the path of the MTA
    • Membership for the bus would be based a family’s income; basically a sliding scale.
    • It would be cheaper than the MTA and would rely on donations from the public.
  • Strategy #2: Photography Gallery
    • Gallery would showcase the struggles of those who have to walk everywhere
    • How walking everywhere affects the elderly and the handicapped
  • Strategy #3: Supportive Fabric
    • I wanted to come up with fabric that would support people who have to walk everywhere.
    • Thick, sturdy fabric for athletic wear

Link To Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oKBb6F6HX1o1aWkyBbPND9LhtzIGfIKi0jvQSDl4YPU/edit?usp=sharing

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