Tactic Star

My tactic is based off of my social emergency, being that the MTA fares go up to $15.00 per swipe. I’m hoping the target, the MTA, of my tactic will keep transit fares low so that people don’t have to sacrifice other aspects of their daily lives just so they can commute. The audience will be commuters, mainly the working class and students. The audience can also include tourists. My audience is people who can no longer pay overpriced commuter fares. My strategy is to create a bus system that can help replace the MTA. It would be funded through memberships, which would be based on a family’s income. Based off of my major, fashion design, another way it would be funded would be from letting fashion designers rent the bus as a studio space. The chairs would fold down to make space for tables that would fold out. Being that renting studios for starting designers is tough, the bus would be cheaper than a monthly studio rent fee. The message it sends is that people can no longer tolerate theses rises in transit fare. I hope that it opens people’s eyes about this problem that is continuing to grow. The tone will be firm because I want it to be very informative. I want it to be inviting, so it should be very personal by being anecdotal and by making references to people’s everyday lives. My resources are mostly going to be statistics about MTA fare price and ridership, and opinions of people experiencing problems with MTA fares. The timing around this whole project is interesting because the MTS fares, including the Long Island Rail Road prices, went up around Mid-March/April. Since social media is such prevalent mode of communication, it will be easy to find the public’s reaction to the fare increases through posts about the rises.

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