Learning Portfolio Post #3

Post 2 images from your last assignment, the Dress Practice Log, and post a final overall reflection to your LP. Your final overall reflection should answer these questions:

  • What themes emerged in your dress practice log?
  • What did you notice about daily dress practice that you hadn’t noticed before?
  • How did the dress practice log impact your understanding of the relationship between clothing and the body?


The themes I noticed in my style of dressing was that I dress for weather, comfort, and/or and event. I liked clothing that made me feel warm and cozy because if I didn’t, I’d be grumpy the rest of the day. Something that was brought to the front was the fact that I dress for my commute. I always knew that I did, but I only realized how much dress impacted my commute after taking a picture of my outfit every night. Making sure I was comfortable was a subconscious decision I made. I’ve worn things that weren’t necessary comfortable and right now, those clothes are at the back of my closet. I don’t even consider them as options because they failed to serve their purpose once, and I’ve never gone back to them since. Weeks later I’ll find one of those articles of clothing and I’ll wonder, “Why haven’t I worn this in a while?” Then I’ll remember what was wrong with it; it wasn’t warm, it was itchy, it was too tight, it made me look weird. The dress practice log really made me think about what I put on my body and why I put it there. I was very focused on pleasing myself. I didn’t really care about what someone would think about me. Going to a school where identity and how you present yourself to the world is heavily regarded, I’m always slightly worried about how I’ll look compared to everyone else. By the end of these assignments, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the only person that matter when it comes to the decision of how to dress myself.

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