Observation 2


The experiment conducted at the Water Lab was a good way to test out what percentage of color and colonies the bacteria from the superfund of the Gowanus Canal will produce. It will allow us to be wary of similar situations to warn others and share knowledge of the results tested from our research as well as encouraging further more of the various bacterial diseases that form on sites affected by climate change.Starting off by using our pipettes, we were told to extract the sterile water as a ‘reference standard’ to keep as our control to then place into our agar plates. The next step was to add 4-5 pre-sterilized glass beads onto the plate. Once the plate was sealed we then shook the agar plates gently to spread the sample and placed the beads into a wasted bead beaker. We added the group number, date and agar plate number and handed it to the lab scientist. We tested it with the water from the superfund of the Gowanus Canal as well as the experiment to acquire the results.

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