Tracking the Beaut of My Garbage

I was tracking my garbage for the past three days and what I found out about myself is pretty interested, that I was not aware of. When I had laid out all my garbage at first, I saw that I mainly use paper items. Especially if it’s meant to hold food. 

Most of the items in my beaut of a garbage diary consisted of not only paper, but also plastic containers . From bottles to trash bags inside trash. Instead of recycling most of the plastic and paper items, it was easier for me to put everything in the same place. What I do think that is stopping me from viewing what is recyclable and what isn’t is having easy assess to recycling bins or some time of recycling method I can easily create. However, most of the trash I produce is when I’m deciding to clean my desk, or when it’s late at night and don’t feel like separating things.

Also, I got to have a perspective in my carvings within this garbage. It becomes clear but also odd to me  because it was my time of the month in a ever women’s life and the choices in my garbage were clear that it went from fast-food to “healthy” choices within those three days spam. I ended up separating my garbage by color and realizing I tend to go for very simple packaging when it comes to food or materials.

Few Notes:

  • I tend to hold on to useful packaging because I think I might up using it again for future purposes but nothing ever ends up being used reason why these items look perfectly intact
  • When it does come to beauty products in my daily life, I stick to boring, simple, similar color palette packaging.
  • Most of these items again are in the same color palette and range from different objects
  • most of the stuff is the rapping from women products that again share the same color
  • everything in this section is paper from school and makes me realize how much paper I use on a daily bases

  • The last section of this garbage dairy is the green objects in my dairy
  • they all serve different processes in my feeding me, especially in the junk food part.
  • It made me realize it might be more of a psychological thing behind why I tend to gravity to green packaging on the product
  • they vary from heathy to unhealthy very quickly

My feelings towards my garbage at the end of day, is very disappointed. Due to the fact, everything that was in my trash could’ve been recycled in some type of form. It also made me realized the amount of paper I waste at this school (because some of it is work from school) and also on my daily use. However, viewing that I don’t have a lot of plastic items in my garbage gave me some type of relief because plastic tends to be worse for the environment than paper. Again like I stated before, I feel like my habits are able to change if, like anyone, gave it a little bit more of an effort and attempt to change my perspective of what I throwout everyday. I feel equal about my garbage, I don’t hate nor love it. 

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