Design #3

The first thing I have notice when I move from Boston is that there are so many pigeon here in NewYork. Birds around as all the time and we simply forget them and assume that they exist for no reason. However, there are organization and people actually working very hard to keep those little creature in our city and create suitable environment for them to live in here since city is actually a very dangerous and harmful place for birds.

Birds as one of the very important elements of our eco-system, bring many good side to our life. Beside that they could balance the number of  bugs and insect, they actually gives human being a metal “help”. Human being has took many inspiration from bird due to their unique body structure and function. The exist of birds are necessary.

New York city as one of the largest city in the world, having many serious environmental problem, one of them are light pollution. Light pollution effect birds behavior and healthy statues. And many birds die due to the Manhattan highview.

Under the consideration of improving living condition of bird, I design a new kid of birds’ nest. This nest would be made by family and children together and enforce to high school art class. In this way, we could drive more attention to the bird by actually educated the student to care.

Base on my design, the nest should be hang easily on the tree brunch. It was inspired by the shape of raindrops. The nest is half hollow out so there should be no problem when it is raining. each nest should be place some bird food before hang on the trees so birds could come and enjoy their new home.

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