Where to find the best diamond rings

Every diamond lover is always looking for the best stones, quality ones, at the best price. There are too many options, but the brick-and-mortar stores always have higher rates due to the maintenance of the store. But Baunat offers a unique experience that offers its clients an online experience without the hassle of visiting stores.

Baunat has been disrupting the diamond jewellery market since its inception. Since 2008, the owners of the company Steven Boelens and Stefaan Mouradian combined their hometown Antwerp’s traditional diamond making business and the online shopping experience. It changed the diamond jewellery business completely. It brought the customers the opportunity to buy quality diamonds from the comfort of their homes with the facility of an efficient and fast delivery system. With this, Baunat established itself as the first, reliable, quality diamond online shop in the world.

Its been more than 12 years now that the business has been up and running successfully. The brand takes pride in carefully inspecting each of its diamonds to make sure of their quality, colour, carat, cut and radiance. This makes sure that every piece made by them is always beautiful and glamorous. The brand’s tennis bracelets and minimalist earrings are its best sellers. The brand has always tried to blend in traditional diamond making processes by using local diamond cutters and setters with innovative technology to strike the perfect balance.

The brand not only specializes in beautiful designs and cut but they also allow their customers the freedom to customize their jewellery pieces. The customers can choose from the entire design to the diamond cut and size to make a piece of jewellery that suits their needs. Baunat transforms their designs into 3D for customization orders which helps the individuals get a look and feel of the jewellery before production. The company has expert in-house goldsmiths and designers who ensure fast delivery of customizable pieces in three weeks only.

Baunat’s specialization lies in their engagement rings which can be solitaire to multi-stoned. It has kept their customers bedazzled for a long time, and the brand hopes will keep doing so in the future too. Given the online nature of the business, the pandemic has proved to be futile for the brand; rather, they have expanded their business and customer service. They now offer zoom meetings to clients, which have allowed them to offer their services with a personal touch and more intimate. The speciality of the brand to make handmade, customizable rings have been the primary reason for clients being in love with the brand. In addition to that, the unmatched quality they provide for the price has astonished every diamond lover around the world. Their diamonds are completely natural and conflict-free, so for those peace-minded people out there, Baunat is probably the best option undoubtedly.

The brand has been highly successful over the years have adapted to the online nature of business early on, which has proved to be their key to success. Due to the lack of maintenance for brick and mortar businesses, the business can cut down on those costs on their diamonds, thus giving their clients a more discounted rate than other businesses giving them a higher competitive advantage.

The brand even launched a store in London recently, which according to them, have been on their books for a long time. The brand only has a few select stores across the world, and London being one of them makes them feel proud as a brand given its heritage and culture. The rand has its international showrooms in Hond Kong, Amsterdam, Zurich, Dusseldorf, and Paris, to name a few. The diamond boutique shops are available for a visit only by appointment, but it is surely worth it since clients get treated specially with the ability to browse through all options and enjoy a chat with their expert in-house jewellers.

It is only a matter of time for the brand to stir up more success in the coming years due to the major shift in the shopping experience to digital mediums. Baunat has already established itself as a boutique diamond store that provides the most affordable diamond buying experience to all its clients.    

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