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Cricket is a sport that is loved by people across the world. If you look at the India and New Zealand semi-final, then you will see that this managed to draw in over 25.3 million viewers and this created a record for the biggest viewership of a live stream. The India and Pakistan group stage meant that the 2019 world cup was the most-watched game on TV coverage as well. They managed to secure 273 million viewers and if you look at the cumulative effects you will soon see that the live coverage helped to boost the sport in general. If you want to look at the best cricket sites that are out there, then this guide will help you to find out everything you need to know.


If you want to place a lot of bets on cricket, then you will want to go through 10Cric. The great thing about this site is that it has been around for quite some time, and it is always expanding. You can easily access all of the content you need through there and you would be surprised at how many options you have. They can give you the best odds too, so you will not want to miss out on this. If you want to find out more about online cricket betting, then be sure to check out the site for yourself.

ESPN Cricinfo

There is a reason why this is one of the most popular cricket sites out there. This site can provide you with some of the most detailed statistics out there. If you want to find out more then you should know that the website will also give you the results of the matches that have been played at the stadium as well. They offer ball-by-ball coverage, and they also offer a lot of coverage before the match as well. The post-match coverage is incredible, and it is not something that you will want to miss out on. 

The website was launched back in 1993 by Badri Seshadri and Simon King. King is a British researcher who worked at the Minnesota University and Badri is experienced in mechanical engineering. The website is known for having a ton of articles and blogs, not to mention that they also have a lot of cricket experts working for them as well. This website is actually a culmination of a series of attempts to update people that matches have happened, but since then things have changed for the better and now there is so much information out there for you to take advantage of.

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Cricbuzz is known for offering a top feature, and this has fans coming back for more. They can give you a crisp analysis of all the games that are taking place, and this is great, to say the least. The site was founded in the year 2004 and shortly after, Times Internet managed to acquire a majority stake. They acquired the site in the year 2014 and they wanted to try and create the biggest news platform for cricket. 

Cricbuzz managed to rope in Harsha Bhogle and he was one of the finest people to commentate on cricket. He did a lot of work on the Voice of Cricket, and he also created a lot of blogs and reviews. Cricbuzz has also announced that Bhogle’s content has passed 100 million views on the platform, and this has helped the site to stand out from the rest.


This is quite possibly one of the oldest as well as one of the most interesting cricket sites out there. The history of the website when you delve into it is very similar to a fairy tale as well. There was a cricketer who was very prominent around the mid-nineteenth century and he was called the Little Wonder. His real name however was John Wisden. Wisden came up with the idea to sell all of his sporting equipment and he wanted to try and go into the publishing side of things. He soon became the leading brand in England but even after several years, the brand is still able to retain its sacredness. 

Wisden’s Almanack is quite often called the Bible of Cricket too. If you look at the home page then you will see that you have a lot of news about cricket as well as general coverage. There is even a match center and if you look here, you will be able to see a live update on the matches that are available as well as finding out what has happened. Wisden has a lot of stories about cricket, and he has a lot of his podcasts and cricket videos too so you will not want to miss out on things like this if you can.


This is a very interesting site to say the least. If you visit the site, then you will want to pay a visit to the section under “Our Ethos”. You will then see a very interesting excerpt saying that the site is all about cricket and they want to share it with people who are as passionate as the editors are.  When you compare this site to other sites, you will soon find that you can take advantage of live coverage and you can also look at event-special coverage too. You will see a live collection of blogs and articles, not to mention that you also have Alex Bowden as well as Will Ford. You also have John Nicolson and James Butler.

ICC Cricket

This is the official site for the cricket council, and you will soon see that it covers a lot of the international fixtures. You will also see that they list the results as well as the rankings, ICC news and more. It is one of the most reliable sites out there and this is especially the case when you look at the information that is provided. This is the best and easiest place for you to access if you are a cricket enthusiast and if you want to keep up with the latest announcements, you won’t regret using this site at all.

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