A beginner’s guide to understanding RPA blue prism training

Blue Prism is the world leader in robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation for the enterprise. By enabling businesses to automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks and to assist in freeing up their employees to be more innovative and creative, Blue Prism is revolutionizing the way work is done.

The Blue Prism Training course gives a thorough introduction to all of the essential ideas and tasks involved in setting up a Blue Prism Process Solution.

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Components of the blue prism

As such, Blue Prism consists of a number of runtime environments, libraries, and tools that are made available for RPA. Two major components are included in all of these RPA-based programs. 

Let’s talk about these in the next sections of the article, but first, let’s take a quick look at them:

  • Process Flow Chart
  • Object Studio
  • Process Studio
  • Modeler of applications

Exam for Blue Prism Certification

For people who wish to prove their proficiency utilizing the platform for automating business operations, Blue Prism offers a certification programmed. The certification exam gauges a candidate’s knowledge of Blue Prism’s features and capabilities as well as their aptitude for using them in practical situations. Two levels of certification are available:

  1. Blue Prism Professional Developer Certification: Those who create and develop bots using Blue Prism are eligible for this certification. Debugging, process design and bot development are some of the subjects it addresses.
  2. Blue Prism Accredited ROM Architect Qualification: Holders of this certification will be in charge of overseeing the adoption of Blue Prism inside a company. It addresses issues including project management, solution design, and Blue Prism use best practices.

Both certification tests have multiple-choice questions, are timed, and are proctored. Exams for the Professional Developer Certification and Accredited ROM Architect Certification each take roughly 80 questions and 90 minutes.

To get certified, a person must pass the required certification test and satisfy the qualifications, which may include having used Blue Prism or having finished the necessary training.

Advantages of Blue Prism

  • Blue Prism implementation doesn’t require any IT expertise.
  • The quickest time possible for implementing a solution.
  • Enables you to automate application controls, boosting the speed of the bot.
  • Gives the analytics suite a wealth of features.
  • Enables the development of a comprehensive and successful business process automation system.
  • By adopting Blue Prism, end-to-end business process automation may be made more productive and efficient.
  • The Control Room module’s real-time input will enable you to acquire a thorough understanding of your digital workforce.
  • For a secure automation process, user-specific access may be granted to robot groups and individual robots using the custom permissions module.
  • Using multi-tiered encryption methods, data storage, access, and connectivity are secured.
  • Customized digital front ends offer a simple method for integrating front office staff with back office bots to enhance interaction between humans and machines.

Features of Blue Prism

Users get the opportunity to automate billions of transactions, which increases productivity and returns hundreds of millions of labor hours to the company. This is made possible by access to a self-learning digital workforce that is always improving. 

Blue Prism Tutorial | A Beginner's Guide To Learn RPA Blueprism

Now, let’s go over a few things that Blue Prism also provides to its end users:

1. Secure and accurate: This instrument necessitates the execution of an endless number of operations. With regards to any number of operations you desire to automate, Blue Prism provides precise and secure outcomes.

2. Strong: It offers strong features including end-to-end auditing, load balancing, and data encryption. Every modification is therefore verified and linked to the relevant person.

3. Scalable and resilient: Enables scaling through central management, automating processes as necessary, and allowing for centralized monitoring.

4. 24-Hour Workforce: The technology is made to function intelligently without requiring a person to physically monitor each action taking place on the screen.

5. Analytics: Offers enhanced tools for configuring Dashboards so that the session data may be sent to the Monitoring Systems.

6. Data Abstraction and Security: Because the processing is done in a data centre and the tool was specifically designed to run independently, there is a clear separation between the security of the data and the processes themselves.

7. Cloud support: Offers the ability to accomplish the work in accordance with business requirements so that users just need to manage them centrally.

8. Execution Intelligence: Robots link to systems and respond dynamically to data responses in a variety of contexts.

9. Allows for the safe and secure administration of its virtual workforce (containing the software robots).

10. Blue Prism also allows you to construct dashboards by sending session information to external analytics or monitoring systems.

11. Blue Prism also has the ability to automate code written in Mainframe, Java, Windows programs, and even web-based programs.

List the various security measures in Blue Prism.

The Blue Prism offers three distinct levels of security:

User: Assigning fresh user data.

Credentials: used to store sensitive data.

Options: Establish guidelines for password creation.

What does Blue Prism’s web service mean?

Client-server software or an application component that facilitates communication is known as a web service.


This blue prism tutorial is intended for RPA novices and provides a fundamental overview of the tool, from which you may go to an intermediate degree of proficiency.

What prerequisites are required for Blue Prism Online Training?

The following are some prerequisites for learning Blue Prism, as well as a fundamental understanding of:

  • Networking
  • Administrative duties for Windows Server
  • Programming languages such as C and Java would be advantageous.
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