UiPath Tutorial for Beginners: What Is UiPath and Why Is It Used?

Businesses across industry verticals are adopting UiPath development to offload monotonous activities to software bots as robotic process automation (RPA) grows in popularity. If you are wanted to take UiPath training, you should consider some of its compelling characteristics, such as intelligent process automation scheduling, collaborative integration, cognitive capabilities, analytical capabilities, logical control level, and more.

UiPath Tutorial For Beginners - What Is UiPath RPA?

Many corporate CTOs, CIOs, and COOs are adopting robotic process automation (RPA) to build software bots that may assist them in lowering operating costs and increasing productivity. RPA, in other terms, automates tedious jobs performed by people. Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Caffe, PyTorch, Tensorflow, BluePrism, Keras, Azure Logic Apps, and other tools may be required to develop an RPA ecosystem in a corporation. Among the RPA automation solutions available, UiPath is a popular tool for automating online or desktop applications.

Robotic process automation: what exactly is it?

Robotic process automation is known as RPA. It is a piece of software that has machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, allowing it to automate repetitive operations. The adoption of RPA technology has significantly decreased man-hours and enhanced productivity. Examples of repetitive jobs include calculating, maintaining transaction records, and running queries.

UiPath: What is it?

Robotic process automation was invented by UiPath (RPA). A strong software platform is provided by this technology provider to assist firms in automating their procedures. Any internal or web-based application may be automated by enterprises with the aid of UiPath development. In addition to this, UiPath provides unmatched solutions for SAP, Citrix, and BPO automation. UiPath features guarantee RPA success in your business.

A Few Advantages of Utilizing UiPath RPA

  • Cost-effective
  • Business efficiency
  • Enhance the client experience
  • Simple to use
  • AI-driven
  • Secure

Unbeatable Qualities of UiPath RPA You Must Take Notice of

1. Sets of pre-defined activities

UiPath has an astounding 300+ built-in activities that span a wide range of process automation in addition to application integration design tasks. You must go to the activities area in order to access these built-in activities, and from there you may perform tasks like automation activities, data extraction, data entry, etc. In addition, you may import files from programs like Excel, Mail, and PDF.

2. Take notes and playback

You may record activities using UiPath’s intriguing feature, and then create a fluid automated process sequence using the same actions. UiPath primarily provides four recording possibilities, including:

  • Web recording is mostly used to record online activities, as the name indicates.
  • It is frequently utilized for desktop applications.
  • Basic Recording: This type of recording is typically used to automate lone tasks.
  • Citrix Recording: This program is used to automate virtual environments and record keyboard and screen activity.

3. Multi-tenancy 

By providing designated places to several users from various departments of a company, such as Human Resources, the CFO, etc., this essential feature of UiPath enables organizations to increase operational efficiency and save costs.

Step-by-step instructions for installing UiPath training

A Step-by-Step Guide to UiPath Installation

In this part, we will go through the procedures required to install UiPath.

Step 1: To obtain the community version of the Uipath, go to https://www.uipath.com/community.

Step 2: Complete the form with all of the required information.

Step 3: Select “Request Community Edition” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Uipath will send an email with the download link option to the registered email address.

Wrapping Up

In this insightful article, we’ve covered a few outstanding UiPath capabilities that guarantee RPA success in an organization. Other characteristics include the ability to automate text and image-based processes, as well as analytical and debugging tools, cognitive skills, logical control levels, screen scraping, and data scraping. We recommend getting in touch with a UiPath developer right away if you wish to utilize RPA to its fullest in your company as well.

Is it simple to learn UiPath?

UiPath tutorial for beginners is a significant advantage and benefits for them because UiPath Academy provides free courses to learn how to construct bots and begin obtaining additional programming abilities. In conclusion, the implementation is simple and gives a wonderful community and customer support; it is an excellent product to work with and rapidly build a solution.

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