Design Brief: Toolkit Proposal


For the Integrative Seminar 2, I researched archives about Daylight Saving Time. There, I discovered several health and mental dilemmas due to the Daylight Saving Time such as cardiac issues and seasonal affective disorders (SAD), which involve loss of interest, social withdrawal, drug abuse, and anxiety. I made a few sketches of the creative tool kit containing the items that can be used to alleviate the problem. I designed the tool kit in the form of luggage carrier with multiple parts, which has wheels on the bottom and can be opened using the zipper. The front side opens upward, whereas the left and right sides open to the left and right, respectively. The compartments are allocated for medicine, exercise, time, and consultation. Additionally, there is a tiny drawer near the center for pencil and paper so that people who are suffering can record their sleeping time and write about their concerns. Each drawer is composed of related tools for each system; for example, for the medicine section, it has painkillers and sleeping pills to assist those who do not feel well or sleep on demand. Also, the exercise drawer has jumprope, sneakers, and pace counter to limber up the body, and the time drawer has some alarm clock and timer to maintain a proper sleeping cycle. There are four buttons, each with symbols such as medicine, a person running, time, and a person talking to a confidant, representing the systems so that one could know which one to refer to when I need specific function. I initially planned to include the food system with a variety of different food to maintain a good balance of nutrition, but I figured it would be difficult to store and refill consumable items.

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