Bridge 3 | Integrative Studio 2

Analysis of Parsons’ Alignment with My Values


  • Physical Spaces/Architecture
    • I feel that there isn’t enough gratitude of what we have available to us. The beautiful physical spaces in our school aren’t appreciated as much.
    • There is a lot of freedom in the spaces available to us.
    • Also, presence of trust – an important aspect of my value “honesty”, can be seen in various spaces such as the cafeteria and library. The institution expresses trust in the students through these areas by allowing them to be so open.


  • Location
    • Under my value of ambition, I didn’t check “fearless” because I believe that most students are overwhelmed by the city. At least speaking for myself, I can say that I haven’t overcome all my fears here. Even the one’s associated with our institution. I’m afraid to let myself go and overlook my inabilities. Therefore, I can see the restrictedness in my work.
    • My value “growth” strongly aligns with the location. There’s no better place than New York City to learn the importance of not giving up and growing incessantly.
    • There is an explicit lack of generosity in this city.


  • Curriculum
    • Most of my values align with the curriculum I have experienced till now.
    • There is quite a lot of flexibility in our classwork. Coming from India, where I lacked freedom in my educational world, Parsons makes me feel grateful for the flexibility it provides.
    • I can see the inclusion of one of my values “sustainability” in most parts of the curriculum.


  • Extracurricular Activities
    • According to me, there is a lack of cohesion in the student community and therefore the extracurricular activities don’t seem as hyped as they do at other universities.
    • Since I haven’t had too much experience in this component of Parsons yet, I don’t think I can clearly state its alignment with my values.



  • Faculty
    • Again, I have witnessed most of my values in the faculty up till now. However, I have a had a few bitter experiences and encountered the absence of kindness.
    • I have immense respect for the faculty and I admire them greatly.


  • Staff
    • My experience with the staff has always been impeccable.
    • They align with my value “generosity” and I try and portray my respect for them every time I have an encounter with any of them.


  • Students
    • Lack of strong community, cohesion and trust. There isn’t much unity.
    • I have witnessed generosity amongst most of my peers.


  • Services
    • I haven’t gotten around to exploring all the services available at our school. I have only been in contact with the IT Central and the Student Advising Services. I would say that both have all the values important to me.
    • They exhibit helpfulness and show concern.


  • Facilities
    • I can’t stress on how much I value all the facilities available to us. I am so very grateful for them. There is nothing about them I have witnessed that doesn’t align with my values.
    • I feel that there isn’t much cohesive understanding about the facilities available here. It seems very secretive and not openly advertised as much as other events or services. For example: I had no idea that Parsons has an X-Reality Center until my professor took our class there. After exploring the amazing Center, it got me wondering about how very few students are actually aware of the existence of this extraordinary facility.


  • Resources
    • Similarly, I am not as aware about the resources as I would like to be.
    • There is gratitude and growth for sure, however not a lot of cohesion regarding its understanding.



Parsons Analysis-27j4j78

In this analysis, I highlighted values that are working in green and the ones that aren’t, in red. This helps me visually understand what is working and what is not, better.



Parsons Rubric (Final)-z8o8ua

Taking feedback from my classmates, I edited my rubric to make it interactive. It can now literally be used as a checklist. The boxes can be checked or unchecked by just clicking on them. Using this interactive checklist, I am able to use my analysis of Parsons’ alignment with my values to check/leave blank each component of the values listed in my rubric checklist.




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