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Reflection – Anna Harsanyi

One of my regrets with my walk is that the design wasn’t as well done as my classmates. I’m not experienced with graphic design and I did try hard, but the result wasn’t as great as I thought compared to others. However, I did really like the concept of my walk and I’m glad I included different socks. This walk was developed by my research into cobblestones and how they play such a great role in New York City. I learned how to appreciate it and made other people do so too.
Even the title of this walk was “Road Less Taken,” which was a reference to how drivers or bikers did not like the cobblestones and the disappearing population of these streets were mainly due to them. I wanted more people to know about the beauty and history these streets hold and how they are so much more than a bumpy road. I did have a hard time writing the essay since there aren’t as much research on this topic, but I’m glad I got to do it because I learned a lot.

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