The events that Grace Paley observed, I believe, could be applied to many scenarios, hence making it a universal theme. This is easily exemplified in my country (Indonesia) between the Chinese-Indonesians and the Native-Indonesians. There is an obvious ‘line’ between the two social groups. From their lifestyles, level of income, and, even their level of education. Just like the ‘black’ Americans and the ‘white’ Americans. The event that Paley is describing still happens to Native-Indonesians as they think of themselves not as highly as the Chinese-Indonesians. There was a reformation period between the Chinese-Indonesians and the Natives.
However, these events occurred less, as the Natives started to be more educated and the Chinese-Indonesians became more open-minded.

After reading the article by Grace Paley, it made me reflect about the social groups, classes, and racism in my own country, Indonesia.

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