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magnet board that can turn into a shadow puppet stage


Wayang kulit are shadow puppets. Yet, more than mere puppetry, this is one of the highest forms of art in Indonesia. Traditional performances are based on classical literature, with each show teaches important morals and involves serious philosophical contemplation, while entertaining the audience at times with roaring humor and special action-packed scenes. Traditionally, performances last all night, beginning in the evening and ending at dawn and are always accompanied by a gamelan orchestra, creating a dynamic, multi-sensory experience. However, these traditional puppets are almost forgotten in the modern-day developing Indonesia among the millennials.

We tend to forget our culture and traditions and associate them with the past. This collection of products is showcasing Wayang puppets in a new-modern light; where us millennials can be reminded about them, children can grow up with them, and we can all be reminded to always remember our culture and traditions. Incorporating different Wayang characters with every day life objects such as a clock, pencil holder, and magnet board.

My concept is to use my platform as an Indonesian to bring Indonesian culture and traditions into the modern / international art scene. I hope by creating everyday commercial products, that this acts as a visual cultural tool for Indonesian’s valuable historical items and to hopefully create awareness.

(These products are inspired by commercial product companies like IKEA)

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