Over this semester I explored and recorded the experiences of  several transgender individuals, people of shared experience, in the United States. I explored directed story telling through interviews I  conducted, a method that gave me enough freedom regarding my chosen topic and also provides enough structure so that I am always clear on what it is I am trying to achieve, following this I made the graphic above to demonstrate how layered my topic is and how many connecting points, as well as road blocks there are when navigating healthcare as a transgender person. 

I evaluated my success through the content of the interviews themselves, and how my presentation of the material was received, with my presentation I was satisfied but regarding my interviews, I feel very excited. I am reading to delve further in to this topic and continue my research.


Leo Sherman. Age 18, sometimes gets mistaken for older, most of the time quite younger. A nose that is slightly sloped if looked at from the side protrudes from his face, a rich warm brown. Sparse black hairs cover his brow bone and flecks of pigments his forehead and cheeks, while crinkling almond shape eyes are supported by a ring of black lashes that appear to fan out. Their curve carrying the weight of independent histories, crashing together on one body. Dark eyes sparkling with a wholesome mischief, coping with historical trauma, coping, mischief. A heavy metal is found between the nostrils, its point resting softly on his cupid's bow, accenting his mouth, lips full and slightly puckered, as if in annoyance or vague displeasure. His chin is unremarkable while one ear seems to stick out giving him an uneven appearance. Brown locks fade into a soft green upon his head, short hair curling in a corkscrew pattern, and star of david resting on collar bone.

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