This photography piece represent my memories inspirations. I believe that I am a transparent person and artist capable of being inspired by anything. Everything appears new and fascinating to me, thus becoming my inspirations and influences. I wanted to convey this transparency, which I did through the use of clear plastic wrapped around the figure like a candy wrapper. Through the use of plastic and the idea of wrapping a person inside the plastic like candy, not only was I able to convey the idea of transparency and unlimited inspirations, I was also capable of conveying the feeling of innocence a child would have had. Furthermore, the nudity of the model does not feel evocative or sexual, instead feels rather childlike and naive, especially due to the posture of the model which is reminiscent of an embryo in the mother’s womb. 

My Path, My Map

Moment 1


One of my more memorable moment that informed my creative works come from a relatively boring day when I was on my way back home. My mom had picked me up from my studio around midnight, and I was just sitting on the front seat gazing outside the car window. I remember being really tired and fatigue after having stayed in the studio for hours trying to finish my art project due in couple of days. I was cussing and lamenting about my situation to myself when for some reason I decided to turn and look at my mom. I suddenly came to a realization that my mom too was staying up really late everyday just for me- to pick me up from my studio. I felt so sorry and grateful at the same time, and this sudden realization undoubtedly impacted the type and quality of work I make now, because ever since this realization, I began to work harder and push myself so much more to create something that is better than the previous work.


Moment 2


During my late junior year, I went on a 2-week long volunteer trip with my friends to a dog rescue center located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The dogs I took care of where mostly abandoned dogs due to unacceptable reasons such as having disabilities, old age, sickness and most commonly due to their “ugly features”. What influenced me the most wasn’t taking care of these dogs, but being with the people who were working there. The working environment and shelters volunteers stayed and worked in were extremely poor with improper facilities. There was no running water or proper toilets, and hygiene wasn’t even up on the priority list. Most of the workers there were volunteering of an extended period of time which lasted from around a year to some for over 3 years. I thought these people were extremely inspiring both as individuals and as inspirations for my art makings, as taking initiatives and breaking out of individuals’ comfort zones and working to help these needy dogs seemed like a complete new level of courage and challenge to me. After my trip, I created a series of works related to my experience with both the dogs and the people. These works I created after my volunteer experience were no longer for aesthetical purposes, and for me to be satisfied with, but for the people working in the rescue center and for other people to relate to.


Moment 3


Although there are numerous moments that influenced my creative work, the most influential moments has to be from my studio. My studio was full of works created by me, and most importantly, it was the place I shared memories with my art teacher. This was the place my ideas were refurbished and made into art pieces, and a place where multiple discussions were made regarding my future and path as an artist. My art teacher and I worked together for over 4 years in this studio, thus sharing multiple discussions that lead to my growth as an artist. This was the place where my works were created to a portfolio worthy standard, and a place that helped me decide on becoming an artist with the guidance of my teacher. It was undoubtedly through my relationship with her where I was shaped as the artist I am today, capable of having pride in the works I make.