Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 1 | Mon: 7/9 H.W.


    1. Be sure to complete your class survey and email us (Amy’s email: / Myles’ email: ) the link to your Learning Portfolio. *Note: you must be logged into “” to complete your survey.
    2. *** IMPORTANT ***
      Tomorrow please bring:
      — your cameras (+ lenses / media cards / batteries / etc.—bring it ALL!)
      — something to take notes on.
      — Your hard drives (both)!
    3. Read these two brief essays by Tony Hiss and R. Murray Schafer (only 5 pages total). Be sure to read these tonight.
    4. Complete your ELP (Electronic Learning Portfolio) and make sure they look the way you’d like (feel free to use any theme that we can actually read). They should have the full required menu on them (“HOMEWORK”, “FINAL PROJECTS”, and “IN-CLASS WORK” categories), as well as an “ABOUT” page that tells your peers a little bit about yourself.
    5. If you haven’t done so already, purchase your hard drives. You’ll need these tomorrow. Consult the “Creative Resources” page for more info, resources, and recommendations.

Amy Finkel • May 29, 2018

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