Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 1 | Wed: 7/11 H.W.

  • [DUE TOMORROW, 7/12] Please post a 5-8 photo essay from your time at Coney Island (5-10 photos; not a written essay). If you’d like to post more, post them in a separate “Coney Island Favorites” photos post. This should be a single 5-8 photo essay in one post. Please caption each of the photos with quotes from the subjects in them. Be sure to get the names of the people whom you’re taking photos of—just the first name alone is fine and write down one single quote you think is important or telling (or affecting). Think of how you might create a cohesive photo essay. Is there a theme to all of them as a whole? Please also write an artist’s statement that describes your photo essay, as well as what you think makes the essay cohesive and successful (here are some great sample artist’s statements). This could be from both a conceptual (if there is one) and/or a compositional standpoint. What was it like approaching your subjects. What did you learn as you approached people throughout the day?
  • Make sure you finish the reading assignment from last night. We’ll have a discussion about the readings tomorrow.

Amy Finkel • July 11, 2018

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